Hush City

Presenting an interesting and thought-provoking sketch film about Minsk, which can be viewed at Hush City. This film is professionally made although it is not a commercial project. I like the graphics and design, which well reflect the mood of the 'hush city'. Those who know about,were/are in Minsk do check out the Concept of this project - i think the whole idea behind it is intriguing. This is a great movie, which shows Belarus from an interesting perspective and attracts attention towards it. Here are some snaps of each of Minsk seasons presented in the sketch:




Another Autumn:

Images via Hush City


Floss said...

Hi Olga, thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. One or two of my 'antique' paper finds are going to end up in my giveaway, which will be running this week, if you're interested! I've enjoyed looking through your blog - you are very well-travelled and your photos are amazing.

Viagens pelo Mundo said...

Hello Olga,
Now it's my turn to visit your blog. Thanks for your nice comments. I love the conception of your blog and your pictures. It was very nice the way you presented Mr.Lee's work. I loved it. Hope we can go on keeping in touch. I'll continue with my trip to Africa in 2007. Now I inserted the Google translater on my blog so it'll be easier for anyone to read it. Bye for now.

Halimas said...

You've shown it to me once, but it's worth enjoying again and again:) I've placed the 'hush' link on my FB (hope u don't mind)

Olga said...

Hi all, thanks for your comments and feedback!

Floss, of course I'm very interested :) will be visiting your blog to look for the details ;)

Viagens pelo Mundo (sorry I don't know your name..) thanks!I speak Spanish so I could understand what you wrote, but frankly English does help! :)

Michalis - of course I don't mind :) and thanks! The more people see my Belarus from a bit different perspective - the better!

halimas said...

interesting web desing : cam across it by accident today:
have a glimps and let me know what u think :)

Olga said...

Wow, Michalis - really great site!! What I most like about it is how music and the style well matches each country/region they represent. I liked Armenian, Lithuanian and French parts the most. How have you found this address?

halimas said...

and eastern lands as well! and it may sound quite stupid but I've made one of those quizes on fb 'whcih Polish king are you?' and felt an urge to lern something more about Polish kings of the golden age era...and came across this site :)

halimas said...

and this one's a must, I love it

Olga said...

So which Polish king are you then? I'm really curious ;)

About the site... - one of those weird ones, aint't it? ;)Have you seen that unicorn on the monkey? Or that video of a hairy belly? and histories about dolphins...I got puzzled.. but they are great in their concepts and design..!

Halimas said...

Ohh it's weird but I really enjoy the style, kind of my thing :)
To tell you the truth I haven't been to the site since few months now, and just figured out that I've got some cathing up to do in the works section. I am Zygmunt I Stary (the 200 zł bill ;) )