My List Of Incredibilities

This is an exercise and an experiment I learned about just not very long ago during the time I took 'Leaving your Comfort Zone Course'. The idea is to come up with your own 'list of incredibilities'.

A list of incredibilities is a (long) list of desired events which you think would never happen to you. So these are pretty much 'miracles' which you'd love to experience but do not believe you can - like a trip around the world, or a house in Bali or a date with - say - Jon Kortajarena.

So take a sheet of paper (open a blank screen), relax, give yourself a complete freedom and knock yourself out - write them all down! Aaaallll of them!! There is nothing to worry about - they are incredibilities after all! Let your imagination loose!

The next step is to share your list with your friends or close ones. Because if you do not let the Universe know about your list, how do you even hope they might come true? An option for the really brave ones is to share the list on their blog or in social networks - so that as many people as possible could see it (this would increase the chances for the incredibilities actually happening).

IMPORTANT: if you notice you are editing things based on who will see the list, stop immediately and rewrite! 100% honesty with yourself is the key thing here!

The exercise itself already helps you to realize a good couple of things about yourself, don't you think? :)

Now, reread.

You will see that actually you could make many of the items on the list come true. Possibly, there are even items you could complete by yourself within the near future without any help from outside. Are there such items in your list? If so, go make those things happen. Soon!

If you don't have any such items in the list - choose at least the ones for which you know where you could start. What we need are first steps. Apparently this is where the magic happens. From the time you make your first wish come true, you will start making connections, you will find yourself in the right circumstances, useful coincidences will happen. But your actions need to come first. This is the list's activation if you want.

And yes, it is a bit like magic and we might not know how this works. But if it does work - who cares?

So here goes (drum roll...),(not to say I'm not scared of sharing the whole thing, but here I jump)...

Ladies and Gentlemen, the list of Olga's incredibilities:

0) Discover your essence, your inner purpose
1) Become a freelancer, with work completely independent from location
2) Quit my old boring job
3) Move to work in Bali
4) Become a digital nomad - being able to work from and travel to any location
5) Travel through South East Asia
6) Become an online entrepreneur
7) meet a business partner
8) Publish your articles
9) Publish a book
10) Your website has more than 1000 visitors per day
11) Write lots every day (3000 words per day)
12) Learn to write quickly and derive pleasure from it
13) You will receive a freelance job offer
14) Travel around the world
15) create a new cool website
16) learn Wordpress
17) Learn to code!
18) Visit Costa Rica
19) Cruise in the Caribbean
20) Visit Mauritius
21) Go to Madagascar!
22) Win lottery :)
23) My articles will be loved by the readers
24) Spend a month in New York
25) Go to the Antarctics
26) I will come up with a couple of brilliant ideas for short stories
27) Go hiking in Iceland
28) Visit Thailand
29) Go to South Africa
30) Visit Kruger Park
31) Do the bungee jump
32) Go to Australia
33) Write for a respected paper
34) Go to Cuba (before it is too late...)
35) Move to another part of London
36) road-trip in the West part of the US
37) Go back to India
38) Visit an Ashram
39) Do something that brings purpose
40) Find like-minded individuals and work together
41) Learn to take really good quality photos
42) Spend some time in Amsterdam
43) Swim with whale sharks
44) Dive in the caves again
45) Travel through South America
46) Spent time in Porto and explore Northern Portugal
48) bring up Lidia to be a curious and open individual
49) find inner peace

P.S. I created this list a couple of weeks ago, in my notebook, with a HUGE intention to share it. But immediately after life got super busy and with our travels to Dubai, me finishing the course, Lidia's illness and us going to Poland it took me a while to share it. I still need to tell you that already one of the points above came true - we are going to spend some time in Amsterdam together with our close friends and their little daughter in June.

Either way, let see how this magic thing works - I will keep you guys updated!

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renilde said...

it does makes sense,a dream, a wish is always the starting point and yes an effort from our own side in the right direction gets it going, being open to what happens around us, to people and situations,small things sometimes.
wishing you lots of magic moments Olga.

Olga said...

Dear Renilde, it's great to be back in touch with you after a while. I've been to your blog and it's great to see you are pursuing your passion. I love your work! Thank you for the great words.