I'm on my way to Scotland right now. But my blog is home :). Please leave a message.

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Sutherland tartan pattern


Insomniamental said...

¡Qué bien Olga! Tus ojos serán rodeados con tonos verdes, azules y grises. Muy bonita combinación. Hermosos paisajes que encierran muchos encantos; donde pasado y presente conviven atrevida y melancólicamente, creando esperanzas para el futuro. Saluditos:)

Paralelo Longe said...

Hi Olga,

Love that fabric tissue and the colors. Hope you'll have a relaxing week around the country side. I've never been to Scotland and that trip makes part of my scheduled plans for some day. I'm sorry about your retained pass but look at this in a positive way...you are taking the most of your stay in England, so this is a great opportunity to enjoy Spring time, take good pictures and become aware of the Scottish history.Hope we can see some of yours and Arek's beautiful photos, and I'm particularly thinking of those full of flowers with intense colors.
Have some resting holidays. LY TI

A garden just outside Venice said...

Ciao Olga! Have fun in the beautiful land of lush greens and men not wearing their underwear :D
I'm taking a Spring break too this week, leaving for the Venice of the North :)
Thank you very much for your very kind offer! ;)
Michela x

Paralelo Longe said...

Miss you on your blog Olga!
I've seen the photos from Scotland and I'm sure your holidays were great.

Hope you can post soon :)