British Weather

Do you think weather can be photographed?

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Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension
images by Arek


Paralelo Longe said...

Hi dear Olga,
Of course we can photograph many weather's moods. That grey look, from British weather, is clearly visible on your pictures. Compare them with those from India and Sri Lanka, full of sun, joy and bright days. I guess it must be the same when you photograph someone and you are able to deduce his or her mood just by the facial expresssion.
Hugs Olga and hope you are adjusting perfectly to your daily routine.

Lights in the Dusk said...

Hi Olga. How are you finding the UK; are you fully settled? I originally intended to send you an email sometime soon, but I've been so busy. Hopefully this quick blog comment will suffice.

N.B. I self-released an EP of music called British Weather when I was still at university. It's now lost, unfortunately.

le blÖg d'Ötli said...

Now I think weather can be photographed ;)

Olga said...

Hi All, thank you for your kind comments and hugs back :) UK, or I'd say mostly London, is being good to me, I almost feel at home now - but I suppose this is easy with me.
Take care and hopefully talk soon with all of you..