Wurld Dominashun

image via Tumblr, author unknown

knee obsessions and first steps; really hating weddings; regrowing muscles; Jacek & Damian; 'Meditations In An Emergency'; broken plans; visual fetish.. - mmmm...; present you'll never get; pleasant blurriness and colour temperatures; loneliness is palpable; first grass; guineas with runny noses; getting carried away by the wind; death of a friend; raindrops on the window; numb happiness broken by the news; any feelings are good feelings; longing to get away; closed doors; Greek wine the day before; what's the definition of cynical?; the ice country - finally!; he always wanted to be the first in everything...


renilde said...

Life can get us into state of minds,bring feelings and thoughts that maybe you've read or heard about, but one has to experience them oneself to really understand.
Wishing you courage, xx

Paralelo Longe said...

Dear Olga,
Hope you're feeling better from your knee and that your recovering is improving well. Soon all that anxiety will pass over and everything will come back again smooth and calm as always. I'm sorry for some of the tragic events you mention. I really understand you because I've also lost special friends too early. I see that the weather is getting better. Soon you'll be on open doors. Take care and we'll be around to push you up. Bye

SkyTrail said...

Hi Olga
How is your knee?
I hope you will get better soon and you'll be able to enjoy skiing again.
I do hope your full recovery.
Take care of yourself.

Olga said...

Hi Masa! I'm walking now - thanks for all the support :) Almost as good as new. They say physically I will be able to ski this winter... Let's see if my 'head' also allows me this this soon ;) How are you? I'm so glad to see you back :)