The Limits Of Control

Very visual, with every single image thoroughly thought through, extremely vivid and implicit. I loved every single minute of this movie. For me this is a very good example of form taking over the content, which does not happen all that often in modern cinematography. I'd say this movie is a MUST see.

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Insomniomental said...

Wow! Olga, How incredible images! When I visit your blog, if I esteem by your hand, I can know and all this amazing places, enjoy every color, and I can imagin each aroma. Thanks

lights in the dusk said...

Whenever you blog about a film, it's always one I haven't seen but intend to see at some point. And I always say I'll check back when I do, but so far I haven't gotten around to watching any of them. This one is incredibly high on my watch-list though, so maybe someday I'll finally get to contribute a worthwhile opinion to your blog. : )

Olga said...

Insomniomental - thanks, really means a lot!

Adrian, haha.. i wonder how it is even possible you haven't seen those movies when you have seen so many others (which I haven't)... Something is telling me you might especially like this one. As for your worthwhile contributions - I very much enjoy them not depending whether they are movie related or not :)