Summer Salads

Image by Francesco Tonelli for The New York Times
FRESH AND FRESHER Clockwise, from top left: tuna, egg, green beans; carrots, blueberries, sunflower seeds; croutons, tomatoes, mozzarella; walnuts, blue cheese, raspberries; couscous, oranges, honey; strawberries, tomatoes, Parmesan.

I found this great NY Times article with 101 recipes for very simple yet what looks like delicious salads. Summer is on it's way after all, and soon, oh very soon, we are going to have all the necessary ingredients. So there you go, here are enough salad ideas for you to spend the whole summer with and never get bored.


Katta said...

Salads i s my favorit food in the summer.Katta

Henricks tankegångar said...

Perfect food for hot summer days. I just have to try the one with strawberry...looks lovely. / Henrick

Μαριανα said...

mmm and as I see, the mixtures are not boring at all! Really neat idea Olga!

latacones said...

I just had my salad... and I'm looking forward to learning more recipes, thanks for suggesting!

Michela said...

I've already started eating I need to loose a lot of kg! :)
Hope all is well with you!

Viagens pelo Mundo said...

Great suggestions for these hot Summer days. I love fresh salads but I also love to cook so I have to balance both things.
I never gave you that salad recipe that you asked me last Summer . I'll give it to you in August. Promise.
You've got there many good suggestions. Maybe this weekend I'll try one.
Strong hugs, TI