hoW mAnY shoes are TOO MANY shoes?

Photos by Olga

...and what about snickers? :P

P.S. it's my friend's hen party tonight.
- the first hen party i'm attending.


Floss said...

Love the shoes! I was watching some kind of strange video in a French DIY store today where all the shoes were mis-matched. Nice to see yours in pairs!

Have a great hen party, and thanks for taking the time to comment on my post today.

latacones said...

Never too many, remember SJP!!!
Enjoy your party. Tonight we know where you are, Olga!

Viagens pelo Mundo said...

First, To see all your shoes in pairs looks like you already think about your two walking legs and foots, so that makes me very happy. It looks you are nearly completely recovered and that’s GREAT!
Second: Shoes are never enough! They are an important accessory for any outfit and they change our pose from casual to elegant in a minute. So, it's better to have a good stock in order to be prepared for any occasion.
Third: What’s your outfit for tonight? In England hen parties are so popular now. On our last weekend in Brighton every night there were 1 or 2 hen parties at the hotel and Zé and I laughed a lot with the outfits. Some of them were dolls, other vampires (all green), other super women, but the most funny was one party where everyone had a “Playboy” bunny outfit . Some of girls were so funny because they didn’t absolutely look like a playmate because they were fat and short but they were all so deliriously amused and happy that it was a joy to look at them. It was super fun to watch and I even took some pictures with lots of short bunnies at the hotel lobby. They all looked like coming from a cartoon. Hugs my dear Olga and enjoy your party, TI

Diatton said...

I wish you had a nice time in the party, Olga! Have a nice Sunday too!

Katta said...

Well i think that when the husband and the kids leave there shoes just inside the door and you fall over them its to many shoes but for a women who decorate with them this lovely there can never be to many. ;) Have a nice day XOXO Katta

Μαριανα said...

I want the 2 and 5 from the photo besides!

Oh this 2, black, heel and sexy!

And from the photo beneath I would mix up some pairs as they have similar design. Pair 3 with Pair 6 maybe... uhh I like it!