Blah Blah..


*feel totally uninspired
*want to write about something outrageously interesting but all seems to be boring
*'m enjoying old hits on the radio (God, am I getting old?)
*combine blogging with a bit of limoncello (is it too dangerous..?)
*dream about new places and destinations (always)
*'m feeling good and actually enjoying it all

Image by Olga


Viagens pelo Mundo said...
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Viagens pelo Mundo said...

Olga, I thought it was a very good idea to come here to give you the biggest hug in the world. And you know why? Simply because of your honesty. I love the way you blog because it’s exclusively centrated on your person, what you like, your life and feelings. We share the same way of dealing with this hobby. And you know? You should NEVER feel anxious or sad or worse just because today or tomorrow you lack some nice ideas to post and impress us. That’s absolutely normal because you never post about gossiping other people’s life. If you did you’d have a great deal to write about. It’s really preferable to wait honestly for your own feelings to come and share them with us, if you feel like to. So, you see, in spite of a “blank” post friends always come to give you the strongest hug in the world and as a matter of fact you never stop to impress us. Hope your recovering is improving in the best way. Love you, TI

Juanita Tortilla said...

LOVE this picture... It looks like it's singing! :) A singing guinea.

juanita de la vega said...

Dear Olga, just stopping by to say hello...I have been a little busy lately; have a forced blog break because I have been doing alot of things.
Anyway, I glimpse to your blog. Love the pictures and your musings!
Have a wonderful "rest of the week"!

Wini said...

Hi Olga, we all have days like this. Take care and take it easy! The guinea pig looks cute. Is he your pet? :)

Olga said...

@ Viagens pelo Mundo: TI, a big hug to you in return and thanks as always for cheering up ;)

@Juanita Tortilla: He is actually chewing :P

@Wini: Yep, and his name is Ralph :D