The Ring

Image by Olga

I was sent this beautiful ring by LuShae Jewelry. It was a complimentary item I was able to choose myself from their collection. I picked it because it has quite interesting and unique design.. and I like the combination of the form, black enamel and luster.

The company is involved in blogging world as well, check their website if you are interested in cooperation.


fadhilah said...

hai olga! :)
remember me?
long time have never view your blog,nice updated blog!
anyway nice ring too,seem so precious to you :)

Manifesto Surrealista said...

Hi Olga,
This post remaided me the enormous potential of the web regarding the spread of new designers around the world. I had a friend who started (as a hobby) to make small pieces of jewellery, just for fun and to present some friends on their birthdays. Some time after she created a website where she posted some pictures with her creations. Not much longer she started to receive some comments about where could her products be bought. Some months after she was asking me to have a look at some contracts which she received from some French, English and Irish enterprises in order to sell her “collections”. She gave up her long time work and now she works on a small atelier with 3 employees making collections and selling her products with a huge success. I’m incredibly happy for her and she is thrilled with these enormous changes in her life. I guess that this is one of those examples where courage and new challenges worked perfectly. Hope you'll enjoy your new ring in many happy moments of your life.TI