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i want to wear your shirts and watch movies with you until sunrise. i want to share an ice cream with you and hold your hand as we walk down the shore. i want to decorate a christmas tree with you and have snowball fights and drink hot chocolate you make when it gets cold outside. i want to kiss you in the rain and watch series every night together like an old couple. i want to watch the stars and the sunrise with you and travel around this beautiful world.

люблю - люблю - люблю

твоя бу


Viagens pelo Mundo said...
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Viagens pelo Mundo said...

Love, the most beautiful feeling on Hearth. It begins just like that, sometimes when we are very young and we have the enormous fortune to find someone who feels and thinks exactly as we do. When that happens we may say we found our twin soul. These relationships tend to reinforce along the years although it may happen that some ups and downs may arise along the way. But, that’s normal. Putting everything in question reinforces commitments and strong relationships are destine to survive to the most difficult crises. When that happens we know we are really facing true love and that’s the right track. I guess the enormous difference between true love and a silly commitment is that love never complains, ties grow stronger with time and complicity can replace a thousand words. True love always care to satisfied each other needs, caring to give more than receiving. And yes, wouldn’t be wonderful to get old with our old boyfriend by our side? Watching movies, traveling around, changing shirts and sweaters and souls :) Hugs TI