Winterlights sthgilretniW

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I love these lazy holiday times with lots of candles, good food, winter decorations, spicy aromas, when it's so great to stay at home and watch the bad weather from the window... I hope you are enjoying yourselves as well...

I have changed Where Are You's 'look and feel' a little - I wanted to make it slightly more personal and get away from standard things Blogger offers. I'm very much enjoying the bigger pictures :). There are still some things left to change and I'll do that gradually, but I really want to ask you for your opinion..

Ok, I'm gonna go and make a cup of Christmas coffee with cinnamon now...


Zadora said...

It's better now :)

Μαριανα said...

Cool layout!

Wishes and kisses from sunny Greece(today was a very good day)!

Anonymous said...

Yes i think big pictures are nice, in particular considering the fact that your blog has a black background and that makes them even better.

Yes i'm enjoying bad weather from inside my house too.
I like the lazy feeling, i feel it like a period "out of time", when almost everything seems to stop from everyday routine.
Like when you go on holiday and for some days you are out of your normal life.

I like a lot the second of your 3 pictures of this topic. Very nice.

Diatton said...

About these lazy holidays, i do like them! These festive days give me the peace I want, indeed!

About your blog is already nice! Just feel yourself comfortable and fix it as Olga really likes it!

juanitatortilla said...

Ah... yes. I can see your "personal touches" coming through, especially on the sidebar :)
I am liking the bigger pictures as well :)