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I'm going through some bad luck with my external hard drive... The drive with ALL my pictures stopped working for no reason at all and I'm left 'pictureless' with only some latest photos left on my PC...:( I am taking the drive to the company which recovers the data from broken hardware hopefully some time this week (no, I don't have copies - very stupid, I know), and I keep hoping... And we do learn on our own mistakes. But better to learn on the mistakes of others! So please make copies of all your precious pictures (and blogs) before it is too late!

All this brought me to thinking of how dependent we are on technology these days... But the robots below are kinda cute and do not look as threatening as hard drives...


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Plus a really great robo-boogie video can be watched here.


Diatton said...

Too bad that your hard disk had such a problem! The fact is that i always advice the other persons to keep a backup of their data but i have never done it so far for myself! It's strange, isn't it? Anyway, i hope i 'll be reasonable some time. About you, i hope the company will manage to save your data in the end...

Condessa Ene said...

I Love It!
I Love your Blog!
MAS (BUT) só sei em português me expressar perfeitamente.
Beij♥s para Você Olga

SkyTrail said...

Hi Olga. That’s too bad. :(
I do hope your precious data will recover safely!
Even the worst damaged hard drive can be fixed well these days.
I’m certain everything will be good.

juanitatortilla said...

Oh dear, what horrible news. It scares me how much we depend on technology. But when it comes to "data", it is almost impossible to save / have them hard copies -- we will be swimming in photographs and papers.

I hope you will return with good news.

juanita de la vega said...

Hi Olga, love your findings! Wish your PC "gets well" soon!
Have a nice weekend

Anonymous said...

Love the photo with the small robot playing guitar.