Please, Just 5 Minutes More..?

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SkyTrail said...

Hi olga!
You recommend Lost in Translation to everybody, don’t you? :)
The hotel Bob and Charlotte stayed is near from Tokyo Metropolitan Government buildings. Some of scenes are familiar to me. But all of the Japanese are not always workaholic. :)

Anyway, the main theme of this movie is, I think, solitude and relief of mankind. We’re more or less alone, especially in large city. That’s why we need family and friends.
And this movie teaches us more than that. Love between couple, about children, passion to job, languages, races and so force. We can think many things by this excellent work.

My guys are late teens. A little bit naughty, but I like them very much.
I want to send you clear blue sky in Japan.
See you later :)

Diatton said...

Another nice photo you found and uploaded! Nice with meaning!

Have a pleasant day my friend!

iva yaneva said...

Hello dear! Thank you for stopping by my blog :) This picture is just for me - I am huge fan of the "Snooze" button :))

As for the winter in my country, it was snowing just a minute ago but now it stopped. We usually get pretty great snow and we have great ski resorts, but because of the global warming or whatever the reason is, the last few winters were not that cold and snowy. I just hope we get snow on Christmas! :)

Have a lovely day, dear! xo