The 80s Are Behind The Wheel

Video via You Tube

I recently very much fancy the glam 80s with their music, movies, music videos and of course fashion styles. Some music videos from that time remind short movies - many of them actually tell a story and they are much less explicit, compared to those we watch today...This Depeche Mode video is a great example, I think.

Some more things I love from the 80s: bold colours, pixel creatures from 'space invader' game, acid-washed jeans and denim jackets, straight 'boxy' cars, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Gostbusters, Rubik's cubes, off-the-shoulder tops, Back To The Future, big earrings, enormous shoulder pads (...headbands, leggings, leg warmers...) and big hair styles!


juanita de la vega said...

for us, in Italy, the 80's were the years of the "trash" inteded as exaggerated style, especially the hair styles!
have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

Diatton said...

I remember very well that decade dear Olga. I was young those years...

5orangepotatoes said...

Born in 1970, the 80's were my teenage years. Big hair, blue eyeshadow with purple eyeliner and lots of hairspray is what I remember the most. The music was fantastic and so great to dance to.....especially Depeche Mode. Thanks for the flash of the past Olga.


Anonymous said...

yup its kind of an 80s revival these days [the movie control & all].

funny, cos when i was teen there was a 70s revival [the movie doors & all], the 80s were too close to be seen as cool.

the wheel keeps movin :)

ps: neat clip.