Eugenio Recuenco Photography

Images by Eugenio Recuenco


SkyTrail said...

I haven’t seen “LETTLE ASHES”. By your blog, I could notice García Lorca and Salvador Dalí were friends. Thank you, Olga, :)
As for Guerra Civil Española, I remember Ernest Hemingway, André Malraux and George Orwell. I regret García Lorca couldn’t live long. :(
A man who likes rule is called a dictator. That’s why he hates democracy and democrat. I want to think of happy future. Because, it’s true “The Sun Also Rises ”. :)

We have a mild late fall recently. Temperature may be about 15℃.
Have a nice weekend. :)

Diatton said...

Nice photos, Olga, really! Good that you found them and better that you uploaded them!

Have a wonderful weekend!

juanita de la vega said...

Hi Olga, thanks for the visit! Your pics are gorgeous!
I love too the black and white ones: ironic, grotesque, with a great sense of the composition! Superb
Have a nice weekend!

Wini said...
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Wini said...

Hi Olga, I love these theatrical pictures! I also enjoyed seeing the fantastic photos of your trips. Thank you for all the inspiration! :)