...Still Blue

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My dear Olga,
I can´t help reading your lovely post titled "blue" by reflecting on what I've wrote you yesterday.Sometimes we tend to write about our emotions and feelings in some nostalgic days when dramatic events happen. And the lost of a close relative is one of them (you know who was). Today feeling better from the shock, I must say that, according to that very well balanced part of my brain, I'm overwhelmed by the decisions I've always made, following a very straight way, without any strange curves on dark corners. Dreaming is a everyone's possibility but what's really important is to look back and feel so very comfortable with the path you leave behind for your children, which can be used as a clean example. And I guess that this is the way we pass to our next generations responsibility, tenderness, caring and most of all respect for the ones you love. Your posts always make me speculate about many things and believe me that it has been very useful for me. That's why a love so much to visit you and from day to day I feel we are so much alike. A loving hug to you Olga.