Mice for Good Luck

Image by Basia

Last week when walking around Gdansk old town I was lucky to meet a nice lady who was selling her little hand-made creations on Mariacka street. I couldn't resist buying one of her hand-made mice, which are called 'Mice for Good Luck'.

Image by Basia

Basia, a Fine Arts Academy graduate and full-time artist, has kindly agreed to tell me a bit more about her little creatures. 'My mice are like small works of art for me, each one of them has a separate life, and is a mixture of emotions which I experienced while creating it.'

Image by Basia

Every person who 'adopts' a mouse created by Basia gets a guarantee of it being one of a kind - this is one of the rules of Basia's work, she wants each and every person who buys a mouse to feel unique.

Image by Basia

Mice's bellies are stuffed with rice not only because some believe that rice has to do with good luck, but also because the seeds enclosed in fabrics give the impression of constant movement and also are an allusion to something 'live'.

Image by Basia

Image by Basia

Image by Basia

'We all live in a complicated reality which is so difficult to embrace and the fact that people stop by to have a look at my creations keeps me going and proves that these little bodies radiate some positive energy. I see people smile and react to my mice and this is very important for me.'

Image by Basia

Image by Olga

Here is the mouse adopted by me, I just love it! If you are interested in adopting one too - drop a note and I will put you in touch with Basia.

Image by Basia


Michela said...

Hi Olga!
How lovely those mices!
Please. if you have time, pop over..!
Have a great Sunday!

Diatton said...

Very nice hand made creations! Each one has its own life, that's for sure! You did very well that you bought one!

My best wishes for the rest of the day...

Eliana Pessoa said...

It's a beautiful work!
I'd like one of this!
Here in Brazil have a lot of people doing manual work!



5 orange potatoes said...

Olga, what wonderful mice! I love that they bring good luck and no doubt they bring plenty of cheer.

Lisa :)

juanitatortilla said...

It is difficult not to fall in love with something so meticulously handmade by an artist. So true about making a one-of-a-kind piece unique, as the maker has a different state of mind and experience with each piece that is being made...

Did you give your mouse a name?

Viagens pelo Mundo said...

Mices are not always those horrible things we scream about when we see them. They can also be sweet and the prove of that are these lovely lucky mices you have bought. I don't know if you are challenging my romantic side (I want to believe you are) so of course, my favourite picture is by far the last one, where those two lovely lovers are embracing and looking to their horizonte and surely thinking how lucky they are for having one another. By the way, I’m thinking about you and Arek…you lovely little mices!! :))

Helen said...

they're gorgeous! I hope it brngs you lots of luck! I love the little shoes...