What is Paris For You?

Élise: [in French] You're all alone here? What do you do all day?
Pierre: [in French] Watch other people live. Wonder who they are, where they go... They become heroes of my little stories.

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The movie Paris is a wonderfully complex study of both the city and its people on several very well chosen story threads interwoven with each other. The director - Cedric Klapisch has done something marvelous here - a bittersweet film full of ideas and humanity, yet one that somehow enables us to engage with and care for so many complex characters without ever having to resort to stereotypes. It's a great achievement – and a glorious movie about the city to which many of us return in our dreams - Paris.

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Klapisch wisely elects to concentrate on building strong characters. He succeeds in creating simple, believable story lines for them. So what's the real link between them? They are fallible, restless, tentative, longing... in other words, they are human. It is interesting that the movie ends much like it began. A lot is left unresolved, much like real life. No Hollywood ending here but I could certainly have followed those characters for another good couple of hours...

A great movie has to have a great soundtrack - and Paris is not an exception. Many pieces of music from the movie are combined in its trailer - enjoy!

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and the fun part :):

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Paris is quite an extraordinary tale that deserves a far wider audience than it is likely to get. Overall the film is a shining example of what makes French cinema one of the best in the world. This is definitely a movie to watch over and over again.


Διάττων said...

I can see references to the movies in your blog aswell. You are really a cultured person, Olga...

Floss said...

That does look good, Olga - I'll look out for it. I think I'll need the English subtitles! Parisians speak really fast!

SkyTrail said...

Hello Olga
Are you fine today? I regret not having seen “Lost in Translation ”.
I must go to a rental video shop right now. :)
By the way, when I was an elementary school boy, my teacher asked us what color we liked best.
Each of us replied blue, green, pink….
And now we asked her what color she liked.
She said “I like all the color”.
She was a really nice teacher.
You may say the same thing, Olga. Of course you have your favorite color.
I changed my profile photo. :)

Olga said...

Thanks all for coming over to my blog yet again... And by the way, I do like all the colours.

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