Tradizioni Culinarie

Image by Olga

Mediterranean region countries are very well known for their culinary traditions. And definitely there is a reason for this.

Image by Olga

The ingredients are fresh, the variety is incredible the food CULTure has a very very long history.

Image by Arek

Image by Arek

The people are proud of these traditions and pass them on from generation to generation.

Image by Olga

Image by Olga

They do a lot of cooking at home and make a lot things themselves - even bread and pasta!

Image by Arek

Image by Olga

One of the indispensable meals of the day is a substantial breakfast...

Image by Olga

And of course one can enjoy lots of fresh fruit!

Image by Olga


Lisa said...

Yummy! This post has me hungry and reminds me that I need to eat breakfast. My youngest loves the strawberry photo and is now running to the kitchen for some.

I wish the American culture was more into homemade meals. It's such a fast food culture, we are vegetarian so fast food is not an option for us...we do a lot of homemade cooking with fresh ingredients. However, I have never made pasta.....on the to do list.

Loved this post!
Lisa :)

Diatton said...

I come from a Mediterranean country (Greece) so "i am a part" of this post... The photos with all these kinds of food are really very nice...

Floss said...

Yum, yum, yum! What lovely pictures, Olga.

I have managed to buy a card reader, so I have a few new pictures on my blog, finally!

juanita de la vega said...

Olga, great pics! Mediterranean foods are healthy and we, living in Italy, are fortunate to have fruits and vegetables all year round. Yesterday I'been to the weekly market and made some pics too, I'll be posting them soon! bacioni!

Olga said...

Lisa, I saw once how homemade pasta is made. My friend's mom was making it. She didn't even use any dish - just a wooden cutting board. She put flour on it, made some space in the middle and added eggs - it was great to observe the whole process!

Diatton - thank you as always for being here :)

Floss, yay! It was great to see your mom's garden ;)

Juanita - looking forward!

Fernando said...

Me encantan los mercados, son motivo de inspiración... :)