Daisy Daze

Today we had to take our pets to the vet, which turned out to be quite an emotional experience for both myself and the pets.. I hope they are going to get better soon, yet meanwhile some treatment is needed. Here is something for the better mood and just to keep enjoying the wonderful spring time - the daisies I bought this weekend.

Image by Olga


The Whispering Poppies said...

I hope your dear pets are doing well and resting!!! hugs to you!

Viagens pelo Mundo said...

Hi Olga,
I've been very busy lately and haven't come here for a hug. Hope nothing bad is happening with your two little friends. You know I love animals, they are real members of the family. They provide us company and confort when we feel lonely or sad. I know you are very attached to your little two funny friend, as I am with FOX (my crazy dog).It's always wonderful to arrive home and beeing received with jumps and little runs from FOX. I'm sure everything will work out alright with your pets. A big hug and the 26th is coming so quickly!!! TI
(I loved the flowers..I love flowers!)

Olga said...

Thank you for your support, Louise! It really helps!

TI, thank you for the hug! The little ones received some first help and medicaments, we need to follow the vet's advice and then see him again on Friday.. so far I don't see much change, but maybe I'm too impatient.. You are right about animals - they are true family members! You do know they love you and see them suffer makes you so sad! Take care and a big hug to you!

SuvvyGirl said...

The flowers are awesome! They look like pink dandelions. Which even though they are a weed I still think they're pretty. But I'm sure these aren't weeds.

Anyway, I hope your pets get better. It's always hard having pets get sick.

Diatton said...

You touched me in my post about the volcano in Indonesia and i wanted to tell you that. Many thanks for the good level of our communication so far, Olga!

Olga said...

Thanks SuvvyGirl - for your support, one does feel helpless when the pets are sick :(